My name is Ramunė and I have created a collection of clothes that you will love to wear every day. Carefully designed and handmade from the highest quality yarn my knitwear is filled with philosophy of consciousness and lots of love. Calm, natural colors, stylish and easily to match items are made to be worn for a long time and will be a great addition to your both – formal and casual looks.

The idea of k.N.itty wasn’t born spontaneously. First of all, before my marriage, my last name was Katinaitė (meaning resembles “kitten” in Lithuanian). Today this wordplay (kitty + knitting) makes me smile – fate has decided that I will be a knitter. And why did a sphinx curl up in the place of the logo? First impression can be misleading – although sphinxes’ gaze looks raging, in fact it’s a “non-cat” loving, gentle and full of love. The same could be told about my knits – contrary to many people’s beliefs, wool can be soft and gently wrap your body in warmth.

Nevertheless, wool is coupled with cold seasons, my clothes are made to be your favorite all around the year. Your new sweater can be a guarantee of coziness in cold winter days or create all new look by leading your beloved summer dress. Versatile clothing relies on a simple principle – Less is More.

Some designer once said “you can have a lot of clothes and yet no style or you can only have a few clothes and look stylish”. To be honest, it took quite a while for me to grasp this seemingly simple concept. Like so many women, I was stuck with “a full closet of clothes, though nothing to wear”. I had plenty of fast fashion items that come out of fashion next season. Luckily, I got wiser. Spoil yourself just a bit. With a touch of Cashmere luxury, perfectly fitting, comfortable models and a bit of Merino warmth you will never be in “I have nothing to wear” mood. Save your time for more important things in life than to wonder about your today’s outfit.